SFUSD iLab Coaches Institute


The iLab at SFUSD is excited to announce an upcoming opportunity for you to become SFUSD Design Coach Certified. We have planned an engaging two day Design Coaches Institute for you to deepen your knowledge about equity centered design (new to SFUSD), customize a design process for your context, and develop your facilitation skills in design thinking. This Institute is for people new to and experienced with design and facilitation.

Reserve your spot now for one or both days by registering here.

Contact Jenny Hoang at hoangj@sfusd.edu with any questions.


When:    May 11th @ 10am-5pm and May 12th @ 9am-3pm

Where:  Thurgood Marshall iLab


Day One: Participants will…

  • Learn Equity Centered Design Process (new and improved SFUSD process!)
  • Develop and integrate design mindsets into your context
  • Practice coaching the 3D process
  • Grow your group facilitation skills
  • Gain access to design resources
  • Learn from renowned researcher and author about designing in the classroom

Day Two: Participants will…

  • Choose specific skills of the 3D process you want to develop
  • Learn how to embed equity into your design process
  • Create a design process for your context
  • Receive feedback and support from design thinking experts

SFUSD Design Coaches Institute Agenda

May 11: Coaching 101

May 12: Coaching 102


  • New design thinkers
  • Beginner design thinking coaches
  • Experienced coaches wanting more practice and resources


  • All Coaching 101 participants
  • Experienced coaches

Introduction to Equity Centered Design

Participants will learn SFUSD’s new equity-centered design thinking process! You will learn the 3D phases (Discover, Define and Do) and practice them with equity in the center. You will also learn the design mindsets embedded within the process.




Deep Dive: Session 1

Participants will strengthen their tools and techniques to coach design teams. Participants will choose one of the following sessions:

  • How to embed equity into your design process
  • How to use the learning journey to build empathy
  • How to identify a design challenge’s root causes
  • Observing stakeholders to understand their needs

Activity Cards & Agendas

Participants will learn the iLab’s design cards (protocols) that we use to facilitate meetings with design teams. You will also review sample agendas for each design phase and begin sense-making around the phases in action.



Deep Dive: Session 2

Participants will choose one of the following sessions:

  • How to conduct an effective interview
  • How to discover to find compelling insights
  • Design mindset building activities
  • How to define the end user

Facilitation 101

Participants gain skills around facilitating design meetings with their site teams, including how to cultivate the required mindsets so succeed.



Deep Dive: Session 3

Participants will choose one of the following sessions:

  • How to build and test prototypes
  • How to construct “How Might We” statements
  • Advanced facilitation skills
  • Using feedback to iterate the prototype

Speaker Series: Taking Design Thinking to School

Shelly Goldman of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education will speak about her new book Taking Design Thinking to School: How the Technology of Design Can Transform Teachers, Learners, and Classrooms. There will be an opportunity for a Q&A and book signing.

Design for Your Context

Participants will choose a design challenge within their context, practice assembling a team, drafting a design process. You will offer and receive feedback on your designs along with design experts using the critical friends protocol.