SFUSD iLab Coaches Institute


The iLab is hosting its Third Annual Liberatory Design Coaches Institute for you to develop your design and coaching skills as an e-certified SFUSD iLab Coach. This two day Institute invites SFUSD employees and partners to learn liberatory design, to learn new skills as a facilitator of design thinking from regional experts, and to learn how to plan a design process for your context. This Institute is for beginners and experienced design coaches. Day one will introduce our 4De framework and tools.  Day two is for all participants of Day One and experienced design coaches to learn new and advanced content from experts! This is also a wonderful chance to offer facilitation skills PD to someone new from your team. Please see below for more information and register for one or both days.

Reserve your spot now for one or both days by registering here.

Contact Rebecca Wolfe @ WolfeR@sfusd.edu if you have any questions.



Day 1: June, TBD

Day 2: June TBD


iLab @ Thurgood Marshall in rooms 301-304


Day One: Participants will…

  • Learn Liberatory Design Process (new and improved SFUSD process!)
  • Develop and integrate design mindsets into your context
  • Practice coaching the 4De process
  • Grow your group facilitation skills
  • Gain access to design resources

Day Two: Participants will…

  • Learn specific skills of design from regional experts
  • Learn how to embed equity into your design process
  • Create a design process for your context
  • Receive feedback and support from design thinking experts