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Every year schools are awarded an Innovation Award to tackle an equity based challenge.  Look at the Design Challenges page for a list of those schools.  In addition, schools and departments are tackling challenges ranging from building a pre-teacher pathway from high school to credentialing to building technology master plans.  Contact Brian Fox at for more information on current design challenges.

business112Become A Design Coach

SFUSD iLab Design Coaches are members of the SFUSD community who are trained to facilitate and coach teams within schools and departments to tackle challenges using liberatory design.  They receive initial training and ongoing coaching.  Stipends are also available for select design challenges.  Learn more about the upcoming Design Coaches Institute and register HERE or contact Rebecca Wolfe at for more information on becoming an SFUSD iLab Coach.

look9Become A Scout

Our Innovation Scouting Program allows for SFUSD community members to capture and disseminate stories of innovations across the district, including how teams are using design thinking to tackle challenges.  Stipends and resources are available for selected stories. Contact Brian Fox at to become an Innovation Scout.


    • Jason Murphy-Thomas

      I teach Probability and Statistics to seniors at George Washington High School. I want to work on integrating design thinking into the process of teaching my course. I have been thinking that the design thinking process can be modeled by the statistical process and therefore would serve to help students creatively help change some aspect of their high school experience through innovation. I am looking for someone with design thinking experience to help me with this project.

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