Designing an Inviting and Supportive Wellness Center

Glen Park Elementary School will use an Innovation Award in 2016-17 to create an inviting space for everyone in the school and to optimize the services and support offered through the wellness center to identify and build upon students’ strengths toward meeting their needs and those who serve them.

The Challenge

Using the data from the Balanced Score Card, Glen Park Elementary has identified the challenge that some of their students are not reaping the full benefits of the rich instruction going on at the school. The school trends indicate that African American students, in particular, are leaving the classrooms either on their own accord or are being referred out due to undesirable behaviors that interrupt their own learning or that of others. In addition to shifting their instructional delivery models to be more aligned with the needs of all their students, a lead cohort of teachers and the principal have participated in the behavioral RTI professional development series as well as the equity training provided by SFCESS. The team at Glen Park has recognized the need to better understand the student’s academic as well as affective needs. Currently Glen Park has a Wellness Center but it is not being utilized to its highest potential. After talking to many students and teachers, the Glen Park team realized that many people in the building do not even know it is open to them. Expanding our Wellness Center can provide more space to meet the needs and strengths of all of our students, teachers, and parents.

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