Vision 2025

In a city and world that is constantly changing, SFUSD now has an ambitious vision to ensure that we prepare our graduates to live, thrive, and succeed in San Francisco and beyond. The Graduate Profile serves as the anchor for our vision and identifies the knowledge, skills, dispositions and behaviors required by our 21st century world.

Charting the course toward our vision will require us to both build on the foundational work we are doing through our current strategic plan, Impact Learning, Impact Lives, and to engage in innovative practices to accelerate results for students.

The Board of Education and district leadership are engaging our broader civic and business community to help them understand our bold vision and build the social, political, and financial capital required to make the shifts our vision calls for.

Our school and central office leaders are building broad-based support for our direction as they share Vision 2025 and the new Graduate Profile with staff and families this fall.

Our vision clarifies how SFUSD is taking a leadership role to innovate educational equity and excellence for all our students. The time is right to let our community know that investing in our equity agenda will ultimately help solve one of the key challenges we face today, which is maintaining a diverse and vibrant community in San Francisco.



10 Big Shifts

These are the 10 Big Shifts we want to make between now and 2025:

1. Graduate Profile
6. Cultural Competence & Multilingualism
2. Personalized Pathways
7. Blended Learning
3. Reimagined Space & Time
8. Talent & Collaboration
4. Motivation & Master
9. Innovative System
5. Real-life Tasks
10. Aligned Investments



Graduate Profile

Developing Students to Compete and Thrive in the 21st Century World

SFUSD is committed to helping all students develop strong academic knowledge and skills, as well as a host of dispositions and behaviors, that increase their curiosity and engagement, activate their full potential for learning, and prepare them for life, work, and study beyond their secondary school years. While the pace and the path toward achieving these outcomes will vary among students and unfold along a set of learning progressions, the goal is for every SFUSD student to possess these capacities by the time they graduate.


Vision 2025 report
Download our plan for Vision 2025