About iLab

SFUSD’s iLab was designed as a critical lever in 2014 to develop our district into an innovative system that progresses toward Vision 2025.   The iLab is a physical space, a process, and a curriculum that fosters innovation across our organization so that all of our students graduate ready to thrive in the 21st century.  It leverages human centered design as a signature practice to build environments and practices that serve all of our students and their adult allies. The iLab strives to accomplish the following goals in all of its work.


Inspiring Our Collective Genius

Building on the innovative thinking already in place at SFUSD, iLab will inspire, nurture, and bring to life the new ideas and collaborations that will propel the district forward and shape the future of education —in San Francisco and beyond.

Fostering Our Innovative Culture

To reach the goals set out in Vision 2025, iLab will establish a system-wide set of resources that will evolve and enhance the district’s forward-thinking mindset and culture.

Empowering Our People

iLab will create an accessible toolset that will empower all employees to transform their environment and collaborate as a community, leading to a more skilled and connected workforce.

Impacting Our Kids

By bringing forward-thinking ideas to life in the classroom, iLab will enable educators and staff to have a tangible, positive impact on their students.




Brian Fox, the Director of the SFUSD iLab, oversees design processes within SFUSD and works with the iTeam to build capacity within the organization to use design thinking through facilitation, curriculum, partnership, and fund development.



“I think every school – and even classroom- could benefit from the iLab process. It allowed for equity of voice, rich discussions, innovative ideas and community building.”

Teacher, SFUSD


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